Since its inception model Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost famous for her quietness and reliability. These qualities and created the image of the company for many years ahead .

Among the famous Nostradamus prophecies mean and such ” from the shores of Albion will be marvelous invention , silent crew , wearing coat Rolle de Rua “. Three and a half centuries , and the prediction came true magician . From the shores of Albion ( speaking in our opinion, England ) was the car brand Rolls-Royce. And most importantly , he differed strikingly quiet engine …
It is now difficult to imagine how rattled cars of the last century with their unbalanced , unreliable engines and primitive silencers. It is not surprising that almost silent on the standards of the Rolls-Royce car model ” 40/50 hp ” seemed came from another world. Played its role and silver box from the famous studio Barker, which was equipped with exhibition copy . For all this, the car has received the nickname Silver Ghost – « Silver Ghost .”

Man who went for a walk in Europe , and around the world , this specter was a British engineer Henry Royce (Henry Royce, 1863-1933). He came from a poor family and in ten years he started his career by selling newspapers. Gradually, he was able to break out in people . Royce has established himself as a talented engineer and early XX century already owned companies manufacturing various electrical equipment.
In 1903, Royce became the owner of the French car Decauville. From an engineering standpoint Royce car horrified : she could hardly factory, constantly overheated and strongly vibrated . Royce decided that he was able to construct a better crew . The first of its car design was ready in the spring of 1904 .

This car – the only Rolls-Royce, originally bore the name Silver Ghost. So he was called for striking color and , at the time , quiet .

However, in order to establish a solid production, required investment. Royce found an investor in the face of Charles Rolls (Charles Rolls, 1877-1910). He was a man completely different social background – comes from an aristocratic family and a millionaire . He showed keen interest in technical innovations , and while studying at Cambridge was the first owner of the car in the city, and then became famous as a racing driver and . Rolls Royce agreed to finance the venture . Partners , the then custom, named the company its name. Thus was born the brand Rolls-Royce.
The first model , which was released just ninety two pieces, little success the company did not bring , and truly epochal was precisely the model of ” 40/50 hp “, which appeared in late 1906. The first digit in its name means the so-called tax power , which was calculated based solely on the diameter of the cylinders and their amounts , and the second – the real power .
Six-cylinder engine of this model had a working volume of more than seven liters – by today’s standards a bit much for 50 strength , but in the beginning of the XX century this power for a car was considered a very, very solid . Older specimens with lightweight body could reach a speed of 135 km / h Crankshaft was mounted on seven bearings , which greatly contributed to the balance and low noise motor. One of the main problems of automobile engines of the time was unreliable ignition. Royce has solved this problem by putting on each cylinder by two spark plugs .
Thanks to an ingenious design to be so balanced motor and quiet that journalists compared his work with the sewing machine chatter . For dealership , held in early 1907 in the London exhibition hall “Olympia” , was made a special exhibition copy chassis number 60544 . Here it was he who got the name Silver Ghost – « Silver Ghost .” I must say that was the name officially only this one car. All other car model ” 40/50 hp ” became known as the “Silver Ghost ” only in hindsight .

Like real ghosts , ” Silver Ghost ” turned almost unkillable . Test run 24 thousand km with a single car passed malfunction : broken fuel tap . Such strength is characteristic of brand cars Rolls-Royce. It is believed that each of the 10 ever built Rolls-Royce 6 still remain on the go! «Rolls-Royce never breaks – say company representatives . – He ceases to function . ” And when one day a lady in conversation with Henry Royce said, ” Sir Henry , and what happens if you do a factory bad car ? ” – He replied: “Do not worry , madam , the gatekeeper will not release it to the plant .” Much handcrafted . For example, it was made so famous brand radiator “Rolls “, and to the eye – do not use any measuring tools. In the manufacture of the radiator left one man- day and another five o’clock was spent on his finish.
Since 1911, on the radiator “Silver Ghosts ” set figure flying lady who is officially called the “Spirit of Ecstasy” . It was created by sculptor Charles Sykes (Charles Sykes) specifically for the car Lord Montagu (Lord Montagu), editor of The Car. Posed the same sculptor Eleanor Thornton (Eleanor Thornton) – Secretary and beloved Lord , whom he could not marry because of the difference in their social status . Such embellishment cars came into vogue , and the firm ordered Sykes similar statuette , only more stylized . For many years, Sykes personally sparkled all the figures that adorned the hoods “Rolls- Royce “, and each of them was his signature .
Brand reputation was so high that the plant for the production of “Rolls- Royce ” built even in the U.S. , in Springfield (Springfield) – despite the fact that Americans in those years were very proud of their cars and on European models were looked down upon . This plant operated from 1921 to 1931 .

Prized Rolls-Royce and the main Russian people . Cars of this brand appeared in the garage of Nicholas II. And though ” Silver Ghost ” was not a ghost of communism , and , perhaps, the most unbridled capitalism , the car caught the fancy and the Kremlin leaders . Two Rolls-Royce is in possession of Lenin , one of them instead of the rear wheels was equipped with caterpillar engine Kegressa system for driving on snowy winter roads . Another car after the death of the revolutionary leader somehow ended up in Kerch, at the disposal of the local union of fishermen. Car miraculously survived , was restored in 1959 , after which it was exposed in the Central Lenin Museum . Now she is in the Moscow office of Rolls-Royce in the territory of the Historical Museum .

Total for 1906-1925 years was built 6173 model instance ” 40/50 “. Thus, the machine was as durable as the famous Ford T. The volume of production of these two models completely comparable, but both of them , though there were at opposite poles of the automotive world , have become symbols of the era. Another important factor is that the ” Silver Ghost ” helped found “Rolls- Royce ” his face and tremendously strengthened the reputation of the firm.

Legacy “Silver Ghost ” lies in the fact that after the title of most models Rolls-Royce comes something ” silver »: Silver Spirit (« Silver Spirit »), Silver Shadow (« Silver Shadow »), Silver Seraph (« Silver seraph »), Silver Spur (« Silver Spur »), Silver Cloud (« Silver cloud ” ) – in a pinch, just Phantom. This is the model was the next after the “Silver Ghost .” And the very , very first ” Silver Ghost ” on chassis 60544 , with registration number AX- 201, is still alive . Veteran noted centenary.

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This year’s Top Marques Monaco exhibition held for the tenth time . From 18 to 21 April at the Grimaldi Forum presented about 70 stands – all the most expensive and prestigious in the field of luxury . People from all over the world with great financial opportunities here buy their own luxury cars , boats , helicopters , planes , jewelry , watches and expensive brands of accessories. The slogan of this – one of the smartest shows in the world says, ” See ! Try it! Buy ! ”
Marking its 10th anniversary, Salon Top Marques put a unique collection in which there are about a hundred prestigious cars and motorcycles.
At the April auto show Top Marques Monaco supercar debuts carbon Dutch company Vencer – Sarthe. As the site Autovandaag , supercar weighs 1,390 pounds, overall length of the new items is 4515 mm, width – 1984 millimeters , height – 1190 mm, and the wheelbase is 2,791 mm.

Bypassing the stands with cars , Prince Albert lingered a little longer near the machines presented by Gregory’s Cars, which works on the Russian car market 20 years , has a reputation as seller of the world ‘s most prestigious cars in the Top Marques participates for the sixth time .
Says co-owner of Gregory’s Cars Gregory Brudnyi :
– I am pleased that the interest of the Prince of Monaco have caused car brand Devolro, made ​​originally from Russia – my partner Edward Orloff . He turned the car industry is quite powerful here in Miami and its large and comfortable SUVs were granted under our auspices.
Welcomes the participation in the exhibition itself Eduard Orlov :
– Prince Albert well versed in cars and was pleasantly surprised considering our cars . Interested in their technical characteristics and chassis, asked a few other questions . Wished us success and invited to participate in an exhibition in 2014 . It is worth noting that the prince is the longest delayed our car .
And while demanding audience evaluated the exhibits of the show car , the people involved in the creation and implementation of exclusive cars , answering visitors’ questions . Special attention to the cars , to interest the Prince of Monaco , developed and wealthy people of Russia , UAE and many have made orders.
Saturday, April 20 at all exhibitors gathered on the ship , and the top 10 cars were on display at the shore and photographed for the press. Among them – one of the cars manufactured in the Russian Miami.
Many participants in the annual Top Marques Monaco noted the excellent organization of the exhibition , a high level of management and , at the same time , a comfortable and homely atmosphere. The exhibition was of onlookers and curious people . She visited potential customers and partners .
If before in Monaco genuine public interest aroused armored vehicles Kombat T- 98, and sports cars Marussia Motors, and now the machine Devolro, then how can you complain about the decline of the automotive industry in Russia and the cars are useless if the Russian , in different countries, today really make exclusive cars for the richest people in the world ?

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While the rest of the world rolls his eyes at the just introduced Ferrari 458 Speciale, we must admit we are not particularly surprised. In the end , the words “special” and “different ” seems were born simultaneously with wheelbarrows of Maranello. In addition, in the archives of the legendary brand there , ” speshely ” in the square, and even in the cube ! “Motor” recalls the most rare , unusual , exclusive , but always stunning Ferrari.

– Ferrari 166 MM/53 Abarth Smontabile Spider –

For Maranello 166 -I model with a 2- liter V12 with 140 horsepower – a start in life . It is this sports car overnight allowed the young company to catch up to the prestige and status of the leading lights of the Alfa-Romeo, Maserati, Cisitalia. ” Treydmarkovskie ” Body Ferrari 166 have developed the most respectable at the time studio Touring and Vignale. But the real sensation , if not shock, produced a version of Karl Abarth .
It was so. One of the wealthiest customers are not satisfied the ” stock ” body and he appealed for help to the rider and tuner Carlo Abarth . The Italian Austrian-born body made ​​of rare grace, but even more rare lightness. Elegant aluminum panels were attached to a supportive framework. And the elements of the body is easily removed and replaced in the event of an accident. The word Smontabile (« interchangeable “) in its name testifies to this .
As a result, the 166th in the Abarth version weighed nearly 300 pounds less than the standard model! And the first serious start in the race was won . Special version , easily recognizable by its Cyclopean located exactly in the center spotlight , was the first in the class at the finish ” – Targa Florio ” in 1953 .

– Ferrari 410 Superamerica Ghia –

In the middle of the last century cars, especially expensive and prestigious , created not as now . At the Paris Motor Show in 1955 ( on the same where all groaned , gasped the first time shown on the Citroen DS) company Ferrari modestly presented naked ( without a body , that is) 410 Superamerica chassis with a 5- liter 12 -cylinder engine , gave out 340 horses. And only then the best Italian ” karrotserii ” began to celebrate the engineering masterpiece masterpieces body .
The best , by all accounts , was the work of a young Sergio Pininfarina , and herself, to put it mildly , a controversial , and even cause seizures idiosyncrasy in the purist, was an option from the studio Ghia. Today the ” Prancing stallion ” in the style of ” baroque Detroit ” looks sensational . Not that half a century ago …

– Ferrari 250 GT SWB Bertone –

One of the Italian designers developed bodywork chassis Ferrari hoping to snatch order from wealthy clients , others were glad to flatter the vanity of the old man Enzo , again based on a very possible return the favor . However, Nuccio Bertone, the famous ” painted ” body – masterpiece for korotkobaznym 250 GT for a different reason . Just maestro love to ride a Ferrari, but can not stand the work of competing ” karrotsery .”
The ” Commendatore ” had a good relationship with Nuccio , so Bertone was the only company other than Pininfarina, has received approval for the creation of a body of the legendary 250 GT SWB. And get the song , not a machine ! Determined to more aerodynamic , you can say more air vein than ” pininfarinovsky ” option from the Bertone coupe is elegant solution -aggressive back and face. Grille, for example, vividly reminded champion Phil Hill’s Ferrari 156 .

– Ferrari 512S Modulo –

Peep through the keyhole of tomorrow – a thankless task. Guess what will be important in the future – all brushed aside , they say, it was a no-brainer . And you can not guess – just rags cast aside . In the early 70’s to the future of sports cars tried to glance designer Paolo Pininfarina Martin … and guessed wrong . It so happened that at the disposal of Turin ” karrotserii ” was chassis 800 -strong racing Ferrari 512S. Setting the pile of it Smasher maestro Martin took literally and created this …
Perhaps in no other history of Ferrari cars, calling at fans of the brand as an unambiguous response . Misses in the charism and tradition of the brand was absolute ! Although the logo appear on the machine , for example , DeTomaso or Lamborghini , and instead turn up their noses , all the ambitious project would be discussed talented designer … But the fact Ferrari and Ferrari, to ask for the most strict account. But today, almost symmetrical silhouette Modulo looks wonderfully . A true masterpiece of automotive futurism , never who found traits of reality .

– Ferrari 365 GTB / 4 Shooting Brake –

Opposites – because they are drawn to each other despite the distance. What could be farther from each other than a supercar and a family sedan ? So in fact there – an obsession ” Shooting Stars break ” or , if you will, ” hunting wagon ” dominates the minds of more than a dozen years. Today, even in the company chickened Am all-wheel drive FF – not a variation on the sports barn ? But the love story of Ferrari and versatile even older.
In the 70’s a Luigi Chinetti Jr. (though why some – it’s the son of the Chinetti , who won the first race for Ferrari , ” 24 Hours of Le Mans” ) dared to offer their own interpretation of ” tourer ” based on the already bold in stylistically 365GTB/Daytona. Supersaray , handcrafted by masters niche ” sports car – Builder » Panther Westwind of Surrey English , we got : a) beautiful, b) fast and b) expensive. So that each of the owners of the 350- strong Ferrari 365 GTB / 4 Shooting Break subsequently sold it to the benefit of his own bank account.

– Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione –

Many , but seeing this car and not understanding what was happening, already sit scribbling in the comments : “Hello , darling edition ! Your slowpoke – famous author called F40 some kind of “evolution .” Well, yes , about the way it is. The truth is that the 288 GTO Evoluzione is really more like a Ferrari F40, rather than on the actual 288 th .
In fact, the 288 GTO Evoluzione – it never came to being a rally Ferrari Group B. The project entered its final stage , when the FIA (FISA) went and canceled the B group , as such. After a series of frightening accidents with dozens of victims from the officials , and the choice was not.
Left with nothing , managers Ferrari quickly oriented . Rally of the project kicked all rallijnaja , consume 2.8 -liter to 2.9 -liter , in passing , to improve the reliability of its derated from 650 to 470 horsepower. And turned the famous F40. That he returned to Maranello crown of the fastest production car world.

– Ferrari Mythos –

It does not even have to sell. Pininfarina in daily procedure showed the world a masterpiece : half-forgotten body ” Burkett ” that is, in Italian , ” boat “, with no roof and side windows. Hoisted on the chassis serial 12 -cylinder Testarossa, this body is only at first glance was an example of such a current in the late 80’s cool design . Mythos is not so easy !
Difficult enough for a passenger car with mid-engine layout located behind heatsinks elegantly highlighted ” two-piece ” of the body : the front part of the car as it follows from the more general to “get ” the stern. Body way entirely carbon , and the rear wing – active , rising by 30 centimeters. And it’s not too much – Mythos because actually accelerated to 290 kilometers per hour! The Sultan of Brunei was so fascinated by the ” keel “, which ordered a first one and then the second. So , two -thirds of the world’s Ferrari Mythos are respected in the garage Hassanal Bolkiah .

– Ferrari FXX –

It’s nice that not everything in this world is bought and sold. You can be rich and famous as Abramovich like Brad Pitt, but Ferrari will still not allow you to roll on the FXX supercar on public roads . Unless, of course , we are talking about ways of civilized countries.
The evolution of the legendary Ferrari Enzo created specifically and exclusively for track days , during which the happy owners of 800 -strong cars had yet to listen to boring monologues training instructors on how to properly go into a turn , and that is the apex . But FXX owners have every reason to proud to be exactly the same Ferrari owned and seven-time Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher . German hypercar got for free – that is , for years of service . The others paid approximately EUR 1.5 million .

– Ferrari SP12 EC –
(2012 )

Steeper childhood fantasies and youthful dreams are only requests the players and rock musicians . What would a reasonable person in response to a request to give newcomer Ferrari 458 Italia (V8, 4,5 liter , 562 horsepower ) features the classic 512 Berlinetta Boxer, issued at the period from 1973 th to 1984 th? Yes, yes – sent to , but with materkom !
But what will you do if the applicant is none other than Eric Clapton – the legendary guitarist , Officer of the Order of the British Empire , and just a good person ? For the sake of the client in Maranello rasstaralis . The unique car , the keys to which Mr. Clapton was presented in 2012, can be called a masterpiece of modern engineering, and unworthy of the great glory of Ferrari factory tuning – it all depends on the mood . However, the project was interesting .

– Ferrari Sergio –
( 2013 )

Today the past greatness of Italian ” karrotsery ” reminds a little . Forgotten or nearly forgotten once gremevshie throughout Europe Touring and Vignale, teetering on the edge of financial disaster Bertone, Italdesign bought by the Germans from VW, and only Pininfarina still living from hand to mouth . Let mainly due to non-road projects , but still … the more that the Italians regularly delight and four masterpieces.
That’s Sergio, built on the chassis of 562 -horsepower Ferrari 458 Spider and first presented at the Geneva Motor Show this spring , just avaricious man kicks a tear. Not only because it is named in honor of Sergio Pininfarina , who died a year ago. So beloved by Italians , ” Burkett ” has turned out deliciously beautiful : no flirting with the retro-futurism and proportions , ready to instantly become a classic. They say that the Italians are already working on the launch of small-scale batch Sergio … Excellent – let beauty will save our world !

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NLC gave the Panamera Turbo Porsche Panamera aggressive vidKogda first came out , no one in the head and could not come, that he once would look like this . The German -based manufacturer of motorcycles No Limit Custom (NLC) has decided to demonstrate its vision Panamera Turbo GP- 970.
During the five years of sales Panamera she received a variety of strange body kits, but none of them looked as awkward as the one that can be seen in this photo . NLC claims that her goal was to create a “completely new and aggressive design ,” and it can be argued that they have succeeded , at least when it comes to the front.
New front panel and air vents are made of carbon fiber. They give the Panamera a sharp “nose “, apparently inspired by the ” Batmobile “. In addition to the lower air intakes , a second channel for the access of air to the engine is next to the hood.
This is not the only changes in the body . GP- 970 also got a lot of carbon fiber parts , including side skirts, a new rear bumper with a massive diffuser and unusual aerodynamic device located on the top of the rear window.
Perhaps most interesting is the addition of 23 -inch wheels made ​​from solid pieces of aluminum with an interesting toothed pattern in a bright orange color that blends nicely with the matte gray appearance GP- 970.
Internal changes until NLC company did not disclose . This applies both interior and powertrain. However, most likely , large changes there can not be expected , since most likely the package for upgrading more external style pattern . According to the company , the package is also suitable for models Panamera S, the hybrid Panamera S, Panamera 4 / 4S, Panamera GTS, Panamera Turbo and Panamera Turbo S.

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Nissan Juke build a helicopter on the roof
Nissan company with former Formula 1 driver Johnny Herbert will build a special modification of the crossover Juke, one of the features which will be the mini-helicopter Skycam with remote control, whose base is located on the roof of the car. The car will be designed to collect and analyze data on indicators Driver Team Nismo on the race track.

Equipped with a video camera mini helicopter will provide drivers information about the environment on the road, including data on the state of the roadway, and air trajectories, tracking every movement of cars on the track. According to the “Nissan», Skycam help drivers assess and improve their skills, and will provide fans with video racing motorsport competitions.
In addition to the mini-helicopter, special model will be equipped Juke number of special sensors, which should help in the collection of information. “Nissan” invited all racing fans to take part in this project, sharing their ideas for the future of the automobile via Twitter, using the hashtag # jukeride, or by using the site Experience Nissan. Moreover, thanks to the social network will choose a name for the machine.

Modification of Nissan Juke will be built in the next three months.

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Citroen showed the Chinese LED lamp concept car
Company Citroen has shown the first images of the concept car, which will debut at the Shanghai Motor Show. French published a photo lights, and videotizer new items, which should be a harbinger of a new model line DS. Wild Rubis instance debut on 11 April.

The new concept car is likely to be a crossover. Its competitors will be Volkswagen Tiguan, Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4 and the Kia Sportage. As reported in late January, the overall length of the model is about 4.5 meters, and the company gave her working name DS-X.

In late March, the Internet appeared the first photos of the crossover, which made the French spies Lozere during the official photo session of the prototype. Design innovations made in the style of a concept car Numero 9. It is expected that the official debut of the production version of crossover in the fall at the Frankfurt Motor Show.
According to some reports, the crossover DS get a diesel-electric propulsion system Hybrid4, which is used, in particular, on the Peugeot 508 RXH wagon and hatchback Citroen DS5. The total output of all units in the “Peugeot” 200 horsepower. In this case, the internal combustion engine drives the front axle, and an electric motor – the rear.

To date, DS lineup includes three hatchback: DS3, DS4 and DS5.

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Maserati have appeared diesel model
Maserati Ghibli Coupe will be the first model of the brand, equipped with a diesel engine. The public debut of new items, of which the manufacturer has extended the first official data, held in late April at the Motor Show in Shanghai.

Chetyrehdverka will be built on a shortened platform of model Quattroporte, while its overall length of about 4.9 meters. The three-liter six-cylinder turbodiesel for Ghibli, which develops about 274 horsepower, developed by a former head of department Motors team in Formula 1 Ferrari Paolo Martinelli. This unit is to be produced by Ferrari factory in Modena, while the car will be fully assembled at the former studio Bertone plant in Turin.
The line petrol units – two three-liter “six” with two turbines. One of them, according to preliminary data, will develop 335 horsepower, and the second about 416 horsepower. All engines can be paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission. In the European market will be available as a sedan with rear-or all-wheel drive.

It clarifies the British publication Auto Express, the most accessible version of Maserati Ghibli will be the diesel version. In the UK, prices will start at her from about 50,000 pounds. Petrol sedans are estimated at least 60,000 pounds.

In Europe, sales of new items will begin closer to the fall. Model plays a key role in terms of Maserati to increase in 2015 sales from 6000 to 50,000 cars a year.

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Bugatti will bring to Shanghai the world's fastest roadster
At the Shanghai Motor Show Bugatti company will present the world’s fastest roadster – spetsversiyu model Veyron Vitesse, which in addition to the name given to the prefix WRC. Abbreviation stands for World Record Convertible. It is reported by site Mileson-QC.

A record number – 408.884 miles per hour – was installed a few days ago at the test site of Volkswagen in the German municipality of Era-Lessin. Behind the wheel Veyron Vitesse WRC during a race was a Chinese Liu Xu.

Photos of new products that supposedly issued the prospective buyer Veyron Vitesse WRC. Photo from
An ordinary 1200-strong roadster Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse electronic speed limiter is set at 375 kilometers per hour. Without it, the testers were able to overclock Bugatti hypercar to 410.3 kilometers per hour.

The first teaser of the new hypercar French automaker issued on Monday, April 8.

Earlier it was reported that the coupe Bugatti Veyron Super Sport stripped the title of the fastest production car in the world. This decision was taken because of the arrival of the record company gave the custom-built version of the machine, and the version with the speed limiter disabled.

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Mercedes_Benz_Mercedes-Benz GLK GLK_pic_54729
Gamma engine crossover Mercedes-Benz GLK in June of this year, will be expanded to a two-liter turbo “four” direct injection, developing 211 horsepower and 350 Nm of torque. This modification will name GLK 250 4Matic.

The new petrol engine is paired with a seven-speed automatic transmission and a system of “start-stop”. With this power plant coupe can recruit “hundreds” of 7.9 seconds, and its top speed of 215 kilometers per hour. For comparison, one tenth of a second to spend more on acceleration to a hundred kilometers per hour in the modification of the model GLK 250 BlueTEC, equipped with a 2.1-liter engine capacity of 204 power.
Fuel consumption in the combined cycle novelty not exceed 7.7 liters per hundred kilometers, and the emissions of CO2 – 180 grams per kilometer.
Along with the new engine lineup GLK will expand to four petrol and four diesel units. In Germany, Mercedes-Benz GLK 250 4Matic will cost 44 thousand 149 euros.

In the Russian market crossover is available with a 170-horsepower diesel and 250-horsepower gasoline engine.

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Chevrolet Cruze
The American edition of USNews rating was the most family cars. In the final table were 19 models of 13 brands, which produces a third of General Motors, and the other half – foreigners.

Rating in 2013, apparently to please many, includes 19 categories of family cars – from Chevrolet Cruze to the Cadillac Escalade. The vehicles were evaluated in terms of quality, reliability, options and space. The machine provides the best combination of these parameters, recognized as the best in its category.

USNews rating itself has quite a rich history and calls not only cars but also for the families, for example, the best cars for the money, which we have already told you. It should be noted that the “home» General Motors received six of the nineteen seats, not bad, considering the love of American analysts to local products. In USNews noted the following vehicles: Chevrolet Suburban, Chevrolet Traverse, Chevrolet Cruze, Buick Verano, Buick Lacrosse and Cadillac Escalade.
Imported cars took less of the list, and the American brand could win 10 out of 19 seats. This year, for the first time in the ranking were Chevrolet, Jeep, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Lincoln, and the Japanese car in the face of Honda CR-V, Honda Odyssey, Lexus RX-350 and Toyota Highlander Hybrid make the best family car for the third time in a row

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